Spiritual healing has great significance in many regions of the world and it is highly spreading around the world. Many cultures and traditions believe spiritual healing is all about using life force energy to heal one’s body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, many different spiritual practices came into being and one among those powerful practices is shamanic healing.


Shamanic healing is a powerful spiritual healing practice used by shamanic healing practitioners known as shamans. This spiritual healing practice involves rituals such as elemental healing or spiritual baths.

The shamanic healing practitioner uses the life force energy of various natural elements including fire, herbs, or water to heal their clients. Shamanic healing practice also involves communicating with various holy spirits and entities to direct healing energy to their client’s body and heal it. This healing energy then removes the energy blockades from the patient’s body and mind and allows natural healing to occur.


Practicing shamanic healing is easy and helpful if you practice it by yourself because it is important to have a personal experience with it when you are going to heal yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are or how old are you, you can practice this powerful spiritual healing practice easily by yourself at any time and anywhere.

To begin with, this practice, take a quiet place at your home to sit or find a natural place such as a garden near your home or your backyard. It will be great if you sit near the plants and trees. Now, close your eyes and start taking a few deep breaths until you feel calm and your mind reaches a tranquil state.

Once you reach the calming state you will feel energetic which indicates that you are now in a high vibrational state. Now, imagine a powerful healing energy coming out from the ground and entering your body. Visualize the healing energy removing all the energy blockades from your body and opening access to natural healing.

Feel the energy sensation within your body and the relief it gives in every part. Further, imagine that all the negative energies inside your body are coming out from your feet gradually. You may begin to feel calmer and more relaxed than ever before which indicates that you are in a state of natural healing and complete alignment with your body and mind.

Do this practice for 15 to 20 minutes and you will feel a greater change in your overall health and your body will feel lighter. Make a routine to practice shamanic healing regularly, the best time to do this practice is morning.

Keep in mind that shamanic healing practice is not limited to ground, you can also extract the healing energy from other natural sources such as plants, sands, winds, or water to heal your body.


Shamanic healing has great benefits since it is one of the most powerful spiritual healing practices. It is important to practice this form of healing everyday to fully utilize its benefits. The following are some important benefits of shamanic healing:

  • Helps in healing the overall energy field of the body
  • Helps in relieving emotional traumas such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc
  • Removes negative energies from the body and fills it with positive energy
  • Helps in treating many chronic and physical illnesses and diseases
  • Keeps your body energetic
  • Purifies your mind, body, and soul