Manifestation is the art of materializing your desires into your reality and your own will. Thus, candles have been widely used for manifestations such as candle magic or candle manifestation. There are many different candles with various colors and each color candle has its own purpose of manifestation. For example, the white candle represents purity which can be used to cleanse an area from negative energies. But there is another candle which is used for manifesting love and that is the love manifestation candle.


A love manifestation candle is a powerful manifestation candle that is used for manifesting love and relationship. This unique candle generally comes in red color which represents love. Whether you want to attract your love partner or maintain love and harmony in your relationship, you can use a love manifestation candle to manifest them into your life.


The love manifestation candle works very effectively when you set a clear intention. When you use the love manifestation candle with red color, you focus the energy of the color red which represents love, and with the help of this element you direct the energy of love towards the person you want to have a relationship with by releasing your intention through the candle.

The energy you send hits the person and creates a feeling of love within them if they allow it. Remember that, through this method, you can’t control the other person’s emotion since everyone has the freedom to choose what they want but you can only direct the energy of love towards that person and that will only work if that person is in the receptive mode.

However, it also depends upon your own alignment with that person and the universe itself and the level of your faith in it.


The use of the love manifestation candle is a part of the candle manifestation method. It is a very simple and easy practice but requires a lot of focus and concentration. Whether you want to manifest a perfect partner or you want to heal your relationship with your current partner or a loved one, you can use this simple and powerful practice.

To begin this method you need to get a red candle with a small size that can burn away easily. After that, find a quiet place free from all distractions. Now, set a clear intention about what you want to manifest. You must clearly decide what it is that you want to manifest love for. It can be your old partner who left you and you want to bring back your relationship with him or it can be a person with whom you are having problems in your relationship and want to heal it.

Once you decide, take a piece of paper and write your intention in the form of a positive affirmation in the present tense. You can write “I am so happy and grateful to have a very caring and loving partner” Or you can write “I am very happy to get my true love and live my love life”.

Once you have written down your love affirmation you can simply place the paper under the candle. Now, it’s time to light your candle, you can place red roses around the candle or you can also draw a heart-shaped symbol or any other symbol that represents love and place it near the candle.

Once you are ready, gaze gently at the candle’s flame and recite your affirmation louder or in your mind. As you are gazing at the candle’s flame visualize yourself living your perfect life with your love partner and enjoy great moments with him. Feel as if it has already happened and hold that feeling for some time. Let the candle burn away completely and as it is burning imagine your intention being released from it and going up to the universe.

Once you are done with the practice, thank the universe and trust that it will manifest your love at the correct time. Don’t worry about how the love will manifest just maintain your faith until the law of attraction will do its work to manifest it.

You will get a sudden impulse or intuitive thought to take action towards the direction of the love you want just trust your instinct, follow that feeling, and take inspired action that will ultimately lead you toward the manifestation.