The law of attraction is one of the most powerful laws of the universe that is completely eternal and it is the law through which all of us create our lives no matter whether we are aware of it or not. The law of attraction works according to what we are thinking about in every moment and as we think about anything, whether we want it or not then we begin to attract that thing into our lives through the law of attraction.


The law of attraction manifests the things in your reality on which you are consistently focused. And the more you focus on that thing, the law of attraction brings more of that thing into your life. For example, when you are unhappy about any painful incident that happened in your past, so if you keep thinking and focusing on it most of the time, you feel frustrated and distressed, and eventually, your whole day becomes stressful. Because the law of attraction continuously brings the same kinds of negative thoughts in your mind one by one that are bringing more negative events and circumstances in your life.

But when you are happy and feeling good about something and appreciate that thing in your life then through the law of attraction you begin to attract more good things and events into your life. So, it is your choice what you think as you have complete control over your thoughts as well as your feelings.


Using the law of attraction to manifest your desires is very simple and easy. You can manifest anything you want in your life whether it is a pile of money, a new house, or a perfect partner. Following are the easy steps to manifest your desire by using the law of attraction:

Step#1 Choose your desire

The first step is to choose the desire that you want to manifest in your life. Take some time to think about it and sort out what you really want. You can also write down a list of your desires on a piece of paper or notebook and then you can choose any one of them that you are most wanting to manifest in your life through the law of attraction.

Step#2 Visualize yourself having your desire

After you have chosen your desire, now visualize yourself having your desire and feel it. For example, you have a desire to have a new iPhone so simply imagine yourself using it clearly, and as using it feel your fingers tapping into it and opening an application on it. See yourself working with that application and using it on your new iPhone and feel the joy and happiness within yourself of using a new phone and truly believe it to be true. Believe that it is already happening in your reality, you can also use positive affirmations to make the law of attraction work even faster and make it even more real by saying “I am so happy with my new iPhone and it is quite amazing and has so many new different features and applications. Thank you very much, Universe!”

Step#3 Believe and feel your desire

This step is the most important. You have to truly believe that you have already achieved your desire and feel it as long as you can. Because when you begin to believe and feel that you already have what you want then the law of attraction starts to work on its way and therefore, you need to be in that feeling state as much as you can. The longer you feel the presence of your desire, the faster and sooner it will be to reach the full manifestation of it in your life.

Step#4 Trust the process and be optimistic

Trust the process and be optimistic that what you want will soon be manifested at the right time. You must keep your feelings maintained and feel as good as you can. Allow the law of attraction to work for you and manifest your desire at the perfect timing.