We all face financial instability in some phases of our lives but most of us believe that financial abundance is not easy to achieve and fewer people in the world are living their lives with unlimited wealth and abundance. And that is true not because there is a lack of resources in the world but because most people aren’t aware of the greatest secrets of achieving wealth and among one of those sigils is using a wealth sigil.


A wealth sigil is a sign or symbol that represents wealth that is used to attract wealth by focusing your energy on it. The symbol on the sigil is believed to hold magical or supernatural powers that help you align with the energy wealth. It is one of the most powerful practices that you can use to manifest wealth in all areas of your life any time.


The wealth sigil practice is simple and easy and you can use it whenever or wherever you want. This unique magical practice requires a lot of focus and concentration but it is indeed a very powerful occult practice. Following are the steps to use the wealth sigil for the manifestation of wealth:

Step 1: Create Your Wealth Sigil

The first step is about creating your wealth sigil. You can create it on a piece of paper using a pen or just simply design it digitally using graphic design software. To create a wealth sigil, you must craft a positive statement regarding wealth like “The money flows into my life every day” or “I live the life with financial abundance and prosperity” and then remove the vowels from the statement and use the remaining letters you can craft a unique symbol by combining those letters in the way that feels right to you. Make the symbol in a way that feels unique and powerful.

Step 2: Charge Your Wealth Sigil

Once you have crafted your sigil so now its time to charge it, there are many ways to do that but one of the easiest ways to charge your wealth sigil is to meditate on it. And you can do that by finding a quiet place to sit and keeping your sigil near you. Now, take a few deep breaths until you reach the calming state of your mind. After that imagine a powerful wealth energy coming out from your mind or third-eye chakra and entering into the sigil. See the energy charging your sigil with immense power and feel the resonance between you and your wealth sigil. Once you feel like it is done come out of that and open your eyes.

 Step 3: Activate Your Wealth Sigil

The last step is to activate your sigil which is all about surrendering it to the universe. There are many ways to activate a sigil like burning it completely, tearing it, or burry it. You can use any way that feels easy and right to you. Once your sigil is activated you must forget about it and the outcome. Let the universe decide how the wealth will come into your life, just open yourself to receive the signs from the universe regarding your wealth.


Creating a wealth sigil is a powerful practice to attract wealth because here you focus all your energy towards wealth and by doing so you activate the energy of wealth within you that creates the powerful attraction. It is recommended that you practice it once a month and look for the results.