Gratitude has been widely practiced throughout the world as it has many benefits and plays a very major role in bringing positive results in people’s life along with peace and harmony. However, for many people practicing gratitude has also brought many health benefits especially for those who have truly discovered the healing power of gratitude.


According to the universal law of attraction, what you think and feel about consistently you will attract it into your life. In the same way, when you are grateful for something you already have then you get more of those things in your life. And this is how healing through gratitude also works.

Gratitude can be a very powerful tool for you if you are using it for healing and recovery. Gratitude will help you to heal yourself from all kinds of illnesses whether they are physical traumas or mental traumas. When you begin to practice gratitude it gradually calms your mind, boosts your nervous system, and releases stress from your mind, and as a result, healing takes place. Healing can only work effectively when there is no tension between you and your mind and gratitude does not only softens the resistance but also adds more power to healing.


Practicing gratitude daily and appreciating the things around you also affects our health positively because when you think and feel positive about something, you enter into the positive vibrational state of being and everything in your life begins to heal and work properly. Following are the easy ways to use the healing power of gratitude to heal yourself:

1. Practicing gratitude meditation

Gratitude meditation is one of the most effective healing methods to heal yourself both physically and mentally. To start this practice, find out a very quiet place and sit there comfortably and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths slowly and gently focus on each deep breath you take until you completely calm your mind.

Now, look for any area in your body where you are feeling pain, stress, or tightness and simply take some very long deep breaths and as you breathe in, feel the powerful healing energy entering through your nose into your body and as you breathe out, feel that all the pain and stress is releasing out from your mouth.  Do this for a few seconds until you feel completely relaxed and clear.

After that, think about the positive things, memories, events, and people you have that you are grateful for and focus on each of those things one by one and feel the gratitude within yourself. Be in that state of gratitude for a few minutes and let your vibration rise.

After completing this practice, you may notice a powerful energy transformation within you and you would begin to feel fresh and vibrant than ever before. You would notice that all of the pain and discomfort that you were experiencing before have now subsided. It is very important that you keep practicing gratitude meditation at least once a day to heal yourself faster and to acquire tranquility in your life.

2. List down all the positive aspects of your health

Another way to harness the healing power of gratitude is to take a notebook or a journal and list down all the positive aspects of your health. Write down the positive things that you can see about your health and be grateful for those things and your health. No matter whether you are suffering from any sort of illness there still might be many other things that are working fine in your body so focus on those things and be thankful. For example, you can write “I am very grateful that my eyesight is perfect” or “I am so grateful that I can eat what I want regardless of my illness”

Once you are grateful and have peace with your health conditions then the healing power of gratitude will emerge and you will begin to notice and feel positive changes in your health.

3. Using gratitude affirmations

Using gratitude affirmations is also a way to heal yourself through the healing power of gratitude. Affirmations are a set of positive words or statements that you say to yourself either in your mind or out loud. Gratitude affirmations contain the words and statements of gratitude and by using these affirmations you train your mind to think positive thoughts and to focus on them and they are best for healing too.

Following are some gratitude affirmations that are best for healing yourself:

  1.     I am very grateful for my perfect physical and mental health.
  2.     I am so grateful that for the healthy meals I eat.
  3.     I am so much grateful for my perfect body.
  4.     I am grateful for being alive and present.
  5.     I am very grateful for the fresh air I breathe.
  6.     I am so grateful that my body is aligned with the universe.
  7.     I am grateful that my body and mind are full of vitality.
  8.     I am grateful that my body recovers health every quickly.
  9.     I am so grateful for my powerful immune system.
  10.     I am very grateful for my calm and peaceful mind.

You can use these gratitude affirmations at any time when you are feeling down or uncomfortable. The best time to use these affirmations is in the early morning when you wake up. As you say these affirmations one by one, feel the power of healing entering your body and mind and removing all energy blockages. In this way, you will find relief and get your body and mind recovered faster.