We all know that stress has taken over the lives of many people in various ways especially, in today’s world. Every individual in this world has already been a victim of physical and mental stress on different levels. Some of them are dealing with stress in their relationships or in their work, while others are facing stressful situations in their lives in terms of health, finance, or security. And as a result, they get frustrated and stressed that eventually creating negative impacts on their mental and physical health and creating various traumas in their lives. Angelic Reiki healing is the best method to remove stress and bring peace and well-being into your life.


Angelic Reiki healing is a spiritual healing therapy where the Angelic Reiki practitioner connects himself with angels and gently places his hands on the patient’s various body parts to heal them while he’s sitting on a chair. During this healing process, the practitioner invokes the angels for assistance to heal the patient. At the end of the Angelic Reiki healing session, the patient feels more relaxed, lighter, and energetic.

If you are a practitioner of Angelic Reiki healing, you can call upon many angels and archangels as well as ascended masters to take part in healing your patient. Following are some of the most common archangels that you can invoke for healing:

  • Archangel Raphael
  • Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Archangel Uriel
  • Archangel Zadkiel

Along with healing, the angels may have important messages or advice for you related to your ongoing life experiences and situations and they are ready to guide you in the direction you are going to take.


Angelic Reiki healing is a very powerful healing therapy that you can use to heal yourself or your loved ones both physically and mentally. This method allows you to connect with angels and higher beings and ask them to transfer you their healing power to heal yourself or other people.

If you want to heal someone through Angelic Reiki healing, follow the easy steps below:


Step #1

In the first step, get yourself fully relaxed by calming your mind. You can also meditate for a while to raise your vibration by taking 3 deep breaths slowly and calmly and then focusing on your normal breathing moment by moment.

Step #2

Once you are completely relaxed and fully raised your vibration level, you can now connect with any Archangel and ask him to open the energy channels for you and transfer his healing energy to you. Imagine a bright white light flowing to you and entering the energy field of your body, you can also imagine the energy flowing to your crown chakra and from your crown chakra to both of your hands.

Step #3

Now, place your hands on your client’s body and allow the healing energy to flow through your hands to your client’s body. Imagine the energy entering his body and healing every single part of the body. Let your archangel guide you throughout the whole process, at this point, be focused on the messages your archangel is trying to send you and communicate through. Now, imagine and see your client in perfect health and this is the important part of this step because if you really want to heal someone then you must focus on his wellness, you have to visualize him being in a good health. Tell your archangel to let you know when the healing is done.

Step #4

Once the healing is done, give thanks to your Archangel for helping and guiding you in the healing process.

You can also use the same method and procedure to heal yourself, it is quite simple and a very effective method.