Throughout the centuries manifestation has been widely practiced in many regions of the world. People used many different manifestation techniques such as vision boards, visualization, gratitude journal, and much more. All these practices hold immense power of manifestation. However, there is another manifestation practice that is among the most powerful manifestation practices. This manifestation technique is also commonly used worldwide and that is candle manifestation.


Candle manifestation is a popular spiritual practice that involves the use of candles to focus your intentions towards your desire in order to manifest it. Many people practice this method by blending the elements of fire, air, water, and earth since candles possess all these 4 elements. People use the power of these natural elements to manifest what they want effectively.

Manifestation candles come in various colors and each color candle has its own purpose of manifestation. For example, a red candle symbolizes love which means it can be used to manifest love or a good relationship with someone. Also, each color has its own kind of energy that can be used to manifest the things that belong to the same energy.

Candle manifestation also involves rituals including manifestation, affirmations, chanting, and mantras to increase the effectiveness of the manifestation and receptivity.


When it comes to working, candle manifestation is something very powerful. When you use a candle for manifestation you direct your focus and intention towards the candle to reach the trance or meditative state. From there, you start using the power of manifestation by releasing your intention through the candle to the universe in a very powerful way.

It is also believed that while you are gazing at the flame of the candle after setting an intention of your desire you release your intention through the heat produced by the candle’s flame to the universe. Your intention then hits your desire powerfully and makes it your point of attraction which finally leads to its manifestation.



Candle manifestation is very easy and safe yet powerful. There are endless ways to use candle manifestation and you can manifest anything you want using this method. Whether you want to manifest wealth, love, a good relationship, perfect health, or something else you can easily manifest them using this simple method.

Following are the easy and simple steps to use candle manifestation:

Step #1 Get a candle

The first step is to get a small candle that burns easily and quickly. Avoid buying long candles as they will take a long time to burn away, using a simple and small candle is easy to start with if you are a beginner in candle manifestation. You can also use any color candle that represents your desire.

Step #2 Find a sacred place to perform the ritual

For any spiritual practice, you must find a sacred and quiet place in which you feel more conducive. You can also place some items that feel peaceful and calm and remind of your desires. You can place fairy lights, herbs, or some additional candles to make the environment conducive.

Step #3 Set a clear intention

One of the most important steps is to set a clear intention about what you want to manifest. You must be clear about what it is that you truly desire and want to manifest right now. It can be anything such as winning the lottery or buying your favorite book. It doesn’t matter how big your desire is, it is only a matter of your alignment with it.

Step #4 Write your manifestation

Once you have set a clear intention about your desire you need to craft a positive affirmation of your desire on a piece of paper. You can write an affirmation like “I am grateful that I have achieved the highest grades in my class” or you can write “I am happy that I am living the life of my dreams”.

It is important to ensure that you write your affirmation in the present tense as your desire is already manifested.

Step #5 Light the candle and recite your affirmation

Once you have written down your affirmation on a piece of paper, place the paper under the candle and light the candle. After that focus on the candle’s flame and with focused intention say your affirmation louder or in your mind and let the candle burn completely with the paper

While you are gazing at the flame, visualize yourself with your desire already manifested and you are happy and grateful. Feel the feelings of having your desire as it is manifested in reality. Try your best to bring those positive emotions when you will feel after having your desire.

Keep doing the practice, put essential oil on the candle, and let the candle completely burn away along with the paper.

Once you are done with that let the law of attraction work on its way. Remember, you must trust in the whole process and hold on to your faith until your desire manifests into your reality.