Meditation has been practiced widely all over the world as it brings many benefits for the people. It is one of the most effective spiritual healing practices that can heal all kinds of traumas, bring complete calmness and peace into your life. However, meditation is commonly practiced by people to calm their minds but it is also widely practiced to attract happiness and positivity in one’s life.


There are several ways to acquire happiness and positivity by practicing meditation and meditation plays a very crucial role in helping you to achieve inner happiness and positivity that is present within you. Following are the easy steps to practice meditation for happiness and positivity:


The first step is to find a quiet and comfortable place to sit where there is no distance. Once you sit, make sure that the posture of your body is good and your spine is straight and relaxed.


Now, close your eyes and gently focus on each breath you take and as you breathe in, imagine the pure positive energy entering into your body through your nose, and when you breathe out imagine all the black negative energy is releasing out from your mouth. Continue this exercise until you feel empty from inside and your mind is fully relaxed.


Once your mind has reached the complete state of tranquility, think and visualize the happiest moments that you have ever lived in your life one by one. Simply focus on every aspect of that moment like where you were and what you were experiencing and feel the feelings of happiness that you felt during that moment and allow that feeling to flow through every part of your being and be joyful about it. If any negative and unwanted thought comes to your mind just simply observe it and let it go, don’t react to it. And then bring back your attention to that happy moment and then think about other moments that made you happy.


Believe and feel that you are already living those moments right now by making them more vivid in your mind. Continue this for at least 10 minutes and let your vibrational level rise. Once you are done, open your eyes. You will begin to feel more refreshed, happy, and positive. Make sure that you daily practice meditation for happiness and positivity.


Following are the powerful ways to practice meditation for happiness and positivity:

1. Practicing Affirmation Meditation

Affirmation meditation is a very powerful meditation technique through which you can attract happiness and positivity into your life. This meditation involves using positive affirmations to boost your vibrational state and fill all the gaps between you and happiness.

In this technique, once you reach the meditative state you can say the positive affirmations in your mind or out loud and keep repeating them several times until you feel the energy shift inside you. You can use the affirmations like “I can now feel the happiness that is present within me and I am attracting positivity into my life.” or “I am feeling great joy and happiness right now as I am connected with my inner-being.”

When you say these affirmations your mind will automatically emit the positive frequency and you will feel energetic and happy. Your mind would directly begin to think happier and positive thoughts and be completely focused upon them as well as boost your overall health.

2. Practicing Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude Meditation is another powerful and highly effective meditation technique to manifest happiness and positivity. Through this technique, you will easily boost your energy level and achieve happiness in your life.

In this technique, after you have achieved the tranquil state of being, all you need to do is to think about the things that the universe has blessed you with. Focus on each of those things that you already have one by one and be grateful about them. For example, you might be grateful about the house you live in, the perfect health that you have right now, or the fresh you breathe each morning. There might be so many other things that you are grateful for so think about them and feel the gratitude within. Say the word “Thank You” as you think each of those things one by one.

By doing so, you will shift your thoughts into positive thoughts and you will begin to feel the happiness and positivity gradually. Moreover, you will also begin to attract more of those things into your life that you are grateful for.