If you are a meditation or yoga practitioner, you may have most likely been heard about chakras and how they control the flow of energy inside your body. You may also know that it is very important to heal all 7 chakras in your body and to always keep them balanced, since chakra healing is one of the most powerful spiritual healing practices. In this article, you will learn how to heal all 7 chakras of your body and to acquire physical and emotional well-being into your life.


In the Sanskrit language, the meaning of the word “chakra” is “wheel” and they are energy centers that are present in your body. There are a total of 7 chakras in your body and each chakra has its own specialty.

The first chakra is called Root Chakra and is located at the base of your spine. The second chakra is known as Sacral Chakra which is located below your navel. The third chakra is called Solar Plexus, it is located above your navel and at the pit of your stomach. The fourth chakra is called as Heart Chakra, and this chakra is located at the center of your chest where your heart is present. The fifth chakra is known as Throat Chakra that is present at the base of your throat and at the center of one of your muscular organs called as Larynx. The sixth chakra is known as Brow Chakra or Ajna Chakra which is present in the center of your forehead, and the seventh chakra is called Crown Chakra and it is present at the top of your head.

Each chakra in your body stores energy and therefore it is important that all chakras must be balanced. Because the overall performance of your body and the functions of your body organs depends upon the alignment of your chakras and how well they are balanced. When you feel or experience any physical or emotional trauma it means that your chakras are not properly balanced.


Commonly, people face various challenges and problems in their lives due to which they feel stressed and frustrated or they suffer from any illness that makes some negative impacts on them both physically or emotionally. If you are going through any of these situations, it means that your chakras are out of balance and you need to heal your chakras to feel better. Following are the easy steps through which you can heal all 7 chakras in your body:


In the first step, sit quietly, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths calmly. After that focus on your normal breathing for some time until you completely feel calm and let go of all the thoughts.


Now, bring your focus on your root chakra and imagine that chakra spinning clockwise like a wheel and the speed of its spinning becoming faster and faster to such an extent that it is generating powerful energy and releasing it. You may feel the vibrations at the base of your spine. Feel as your root chakra is completely healed and balanced.

Now, bring your attention to the rest of the other chakras and repeat the same process with each of them one by one until all of them are completely healed.


Once all the chakras in your body are healed, imagine powerful white energy generating from your root chakra and connecting it from the rest of the chakras one by one by shifting from one chakra to another and as you the energy is shifting to each chakra feel the vibrational energy flowing from the base of your spine up to your head gradually, making your body and all the chakras fully balanced.

You can also do this by imagining a divine light falling from the sky to your crown chakra and from your crown chakra down to the rest of the chakras in your body and balancing all of them. You may feel the connection between you and the divine source.


In the final step, imagine and feel yourself radiating with the powerful divine energy that is spreading around and surrounding yourself with it. Feel yourself being completely charged up and filled with this bright energy, you would feel vibrant and energetic.

In this way, you can heal all 7 chakras in your body and activate them whenever you want.


If you are a Reiki healing practitioner you can heal and balance your chakras through Reiki energy too. In this technique, you can charge your hands with Reiki energy and place them on different areas in your body where each chakra is located one by one to heal them. If any of your chakras are blocked or imbalanced then you can transfer Reiki energy through your hands on that specific area where that chakra is located.

Another way to heal all 7 chakras in your body through Reiki energy is by placing your hands on the top of your head and transferring the Reiki energy from your hands to your head and then allowing it to flow from your crown chakra to all the rest of the chakras in your body and healing them one by one. Balancing your chakras will give you a powerful positive impact on your overall mental, physical, and emotional health.


Another technique through which you can heal all 7 chakras in your body is using Reiki-infused crystals. It is one of the highly effective techniques and this method involves placing the energy healing crystals that are charged with Reiki energy on those areas of your body where chakras are located. The charged crystals will transmit the energy to heal all the chakras effectively.


Affirmations are the positive phrases or sentences that can be used repeatedly to stimulate or reinforce the healing process and therefore, they play an important role in healing your chakras. This technique involves chanting powerful healing affirmations repeatedly to heal and balance each chakra one by one. You can write your own unique affirmations for each chakra to heal, make sure that you use words in each affirmation that are relevant to your respective chakra and that highly resonate with you.

Following are some written affirmations that you can use to heal and balance each of your chakras:

  •   “I am allowing the energy to flow through my root chakra and I truly believe that it is being healed.”
  •   “I can feel my sacral chakra being filled with positive healing energy.”
  •   “My solar plexus chakra is shining brighter and becoming vibrant.”
  •   “I can feel the energy flowing through my heart chakra and my heart is becoming lighter.”
  •   “My throat chakra is gradually maintain its balance, and I can find clarity in within everything.”
  •   “My third eye chakra is completely in harmony now, and vision is stimulating.

To further boost the healing of your chakras you can use this technique during meditation.