Crystals are the combinations of different minerals that are believed to purify and align the energy field of our bodies as well as emit positive vibrations. From thousands of years till today, crystals have been widely used by people for both physical and mental healing all around the world.


Crystal healing is a spiritual healing practice in which a crystal healing practitioner uses the healing power of the crystal to heal the patient’s body by placing the crystals on the location of each chakra of his body one by one while the patient is lying down comfortably and gets into the receptive mode and allow the healing energy of the crystals to flow through every part of his body to heal it.

However, the crystal healing practitioner can also use this healing method by placing the crystal directly on the affected area of the patient’s body and allowing the healing to take place.


There are numerous types of crystals and each of them has its own unique properties. Crystals have been grounded deep under the earth for millions of years and therefore they possess many different qualities and abilities based on their colors and elements. Following are some of the most common healing crystals with their properties:

  1. JADE

Jade is one of the most powerful healing crystals that has been extensively used for healing purposes for centuries as it is associated with the power of earth and nature. This healing stone is said to harmonize different systems and functions of the body as well as increase its healing power.


Peace, fertility, harmony, and balance.


Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals which is well-known for replacing negative energies with love energies and generating a strong feeling of love within a person. This beautiful stone is commonly used for spreading the energies of unconditional love for those seeking love and affection both for themselves and other people. If you think that you need to create more feelings of love within yourself or to receive more love from your soul mate or other people then you can invoke the power of rose quartz by placing it at your home or keeping it in your pocket while walking out of the home to meet new people.


Love, fertility, relationships, and friendship


Citrine is believed to boost self-confidence, motivation, and creativity by stimulating the brain. It is also well-known for bringing wealth and prosperity into your life as it is a highly rich stone. This shiny crystal is best for attracting wealth and abundance into your life no matter where you are.


Confidence, creativity, prosperity, and abundance.


Clear quartz is a well-known crystal for healing which is considered an energetic bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. One of the most important qualities of this crystal is it absorbs negative energies from its surroundings, allowing positive energies to flow freely, and boost your internal strength.


Healing, clarity, stability, psychic abilities.


Obsidian is a very strong and protective strong that repels negative energies. It is very popularly known for its unique ability to absorb negativity and block psychic attacks and evil spirits from the environment. Obsidian is the best stone for reducing mental stress, anxiety, and tension, and providing you with a soothing effect. It also brings clarity to your mind, removes emotional blockages, and enhances the qualities of compassion and strength. This powerful stone also helps overcome digestion problems and relieve arthritis and joint pain.


Purification, protection, healing, clarity, psychic ability.


There are various ways to use crystal healing either alone or with a crystal healing professional. It is quite an easy and effective practice that can help you to heal both physical and mental traumas faster and have a significant impact on your overall health.

To begin this practice, simply find a quiet and relaxing place to lie down. Now, put each crystal at the position of each chakra present in your body one by one. It would be great if you put the crystal whose properties are associated with the properties of that particular chakra.

Once you have placed all the crystals in each chakra position, close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a while until your mind becomes completely peaceful. After that, imagine the powerful healing energies coming out from the crystals and entering each chakra of your body. You may feel the tingling sensations in the positions of your body where all seven chakras are located. Imagine and feel the powerful healing energies balancing each chakra and removing all the energy blockages. Keep doing it for 5 to 10 minutes until you feel completely relaxed on both physical and mental levels.

After the crystal healing practice, you will feel energetic, vibrant, and active. This indicates that all seven chakras of your body are now balanced and you are completely in tune with your mind, body, and spirit.

Remember, before using the crystal healing method, make sure that your crystals are cleansed with water and charged with sunlight or Reiki energy.