There are many different manifestation methods that you may have used to manifest your desires. There might be a few of them that really worked your way and the rest may didn’t. Manifestation requires a lot of focus and attention in order to achieve desired results because ultimately it’s all about energy and concentration. One of the most powerful and reliable manifestation methods that you can use to manifest anything you want easily is the Pillow Manifestation method.



Pillow manifestation method which is also known as the pillow method is one of the most effective methods that you can use. This unique method involves writing down a script or a positive statement of your desire and keeping it under a pillow when going to sleep. This manifestation method is quick and easy to use regardless of where you are.

Many people find this method very helpful as they become successful in manifesting their desires. This method is widely practiced across many different parts of the world.


The main purpose of using pillow manifestation is to direct your focus and energy towards your desire. When you give undivided attention to your desire it creates a powerful magnetic attraction between you and your desire.

When you write a script about your desire you direct your energy on your desire in the form of words. Writing is one of the most powerful ways to manifest desires. And when you place the paper where you wrote about your desire under the pillow and go to sleep your subconscious mind begins to work in its full potential.

This is because during sleep you lose your conscious mind while your subconscious mind is there and working.


Pillow manifestation is very easy to use and there is no complexity in this method. You just need to be focused and attentive when using this method. Before you begin this method you first need to decide what you want to manifest with clear intention. If you are not clear you won’t be able to manifest anything.

The clarity of your desire is the primary step of all kinds of manifestation methods. There might be many things that you want to manifest such as a beautiful partner or a big house that were wish to live in.

After you have decided what you want, you can begin the pillow manifestation method. In the beginning, you first need to craft a small script about your desire on a piece of paper. You can also write a positive statement about desire on the paper like “I am so happy and grateful to live in the house of my dreams” or you can say “I am very happy to have a stylish sports car that I was wishing to have”.

If you want to write a script of your desire, you can do that by writing about your desire as you have manifested it. You can write a short story about having your desire and how you are enjoying it. Make sure that you write in present tense whether it is a script or a positive statement.

As you are writing down the script feel the emotions of having it in your life and visualize yourself having it right now. You can also practice visualization or meditate on your desire separately after writing down the script.

Once you have done this, keep the paper of your script under the pillow when you are going to sleep. Before you fall asleep visualize your desire as it is manifested and see yourself being happy and enthusiastic about your desire.

See every joyful moment about your desire in your mind and as fall asleep it will be implanted into your subconscious mind. During your sleep, your subconscious mind will accept it as your reality and the law of attraction will begin to respond to it.

After the entire process, you will get an impulse or urge to take inspired action that would lead you toward the full manifestation of your desire.


It depends upon your faith and alignment with your desire. Some people are able to manifest it within one day while some of them manifest in a week. There’s no fixed time when it will manifest but you need to stick to the pillow manifestation method regularly until your desire gets manifested.