A sigil is a symbol that is intentionally used for manifestation, protection, healing, etc. Sigils have been widely used in ancient times and they are known to possess magical powers. Ancient people used to believe that sigils hold supernatural powers and they can be used for various purposes.


Many people still use sigils to help achieve their goals and dreams. Sigils are most commonly used by people as an occult practice in magic known as sigil magic or chaos magic in modern-day witchcraft. But are sigils really effective? Well, that depends upon your belief. If you truly believe that sigils really work, then it means that you are completely in sync with them and they could definitely influence your life. But if you are not sure whether they can affect your life or have doubts about their abilities, then of course they have no power at all. It really depends on whether you allow them to take control of your life or not.


Creating a sigil is very easy and powerful. There are numerous ways to create a sigil and all the ways work best. You must use the method that feels best to you, there is no right or wrong way as everything depends on your intentions and feelings. While creating a single you use your powerful intention and transform it into a symbol that will help you to manifest anything you want. It’s up to you for what task or goal you want the sigil to work on, whether you want it to manifest wealth and abundance into your life or you want it to make you feel positive throughout the whole day.

Following are the easy steps to make your own sigil:

Step#1 Set your intention

The first step when creating a sigil is to set an intention for the energy you want to invoke. Once you have chosen your intention, transform it into a positive statement or phrase. Remember, that when changing your intention into a statement you should use present tense and avoid using the words of negation such as not, no, never, etc. You can also use emotive words that make you feel vibrant as you say them. For example, you can use a phrase like “I attract wealth”

You can also transform your intention into a single word rather than a statement or phrase. For example, you can use a word like “Protection” or “Happiness”.

Step#2 Remove the vowels and repeated letters

Once you have created a phrase or word out of your intention, remove the repeated letters and vowels from it. For example, if you are using a phrase like “I attract wealth” it would become “RCWLTH”. And if you are using a word like “Happiness” it would be “HPNS”.

Step#3 Create a symbol using your letters

Now it is the time to create a symbol out of those letters that you have extracted from that word or phrase on a piece of paper. In this step, you need to be creative and use the letters to create a unique symbol. While creating a symbol you can also flip the letters to left or right, draw one letter big and the other small, or connect the end of one letter with another letter, it’s totally up to you.

You can also use elements such as hearts, dots, swirls, arrows, or lines in the symbol.

Step#4 Activate your sigil

Now you have created a sigil and all you need to do is to activate it to bring it into action. There are many ways to activate a sigil that you have created on a piece of paper. Following are some easy ways to activate a sigil:

  • Tear the paper into pieces where you have drawn a sigil.
  • Burn the paper with a sigil drawn on it completely.
  • Charge your sigil by closely looking at the symbol and directing your mental energy into it through constant focus.
  • Charge your sigil with Reiki energy.
  • Charge your sigil with a crystal by placing it under the crystal for a while.
  • Bury your sigil deep under the sand.

Once your sigil is activated, let it work on its way. Now it’s not your job to figure out how it will work or how will I get the results you just need to be patient and have faith. One of the best ways to allow the power of your sigil to work on its own is to forget about it after activating it. Don’t think about it, rather you must pay attention to your normal routine work.

You can also use your sigil by creating a talisman or pendant out of it and wearing it. You can also draw your sigil on any specific area or object using a paintbrush or marker. For example, you can draw a sigil for wealth on your money box to attract more wealth into your life or you can also draw a sigil for protection on the main door of your home to block evil spirits and negative energies and prevent them from entering your home.