You might have tried many manifestation methods before to manifest your deepest desires quickly that didn’t serve you well nor did you get satisfactory results out of them. And this is because you may have not used proper methods of manifestation and therefore, it is very important that how you manifest your desires and what tools you use to manifest them. So, if you are looking for a perfect manifestation method to manifest anything you want you must use the 333 manifestation method.


This manifestation method is commonly known as the 33×3 manifestation method that involves writing down a positive affirmation that includes your desire 33 times for 3 days. And once you begin to write them down you become magnetized with your desire and emit a powerful frequency of your desire from a mind that effectively works like a magnet to draw your desire towards you and manifest it into your life.

In this manifestation method, there is special importance of the sequential numbers 333 as it signifies encouragement and a path or direction to positive changes. This series of numbers holds significant universal power and therefore using these sequential numbers for manifesting your desire can be a perfect choice for you.


The 33×3 manifestation method is simple to use and is very powerful and effective. All you need to do is to have a journal and a pen, to begin with, this method. Following are the easy steps to use the 33×3 manifestation method to manifest anything you want:

Step#1: Choose any one desire to manifest

The first step is all about choosing any one of your desires and writing it down in your journal or a notebook. Take some moment to clearly think about what you want to manifest right now and once you are completely cleared about your desire you can proceed to the next step.

Step#2: Truly align yourself with your desire with clear intention

In the second step, you must truly align yourself with your desire and have a clear intention by asking yourself why you want to manifest it and how you would feel after having your desire with you. For example, if want to buy a new car ask yourself how you would feel when driving a new car and where you are driving your car, write down everything that your desire makes feel.

Step#3: Choose a positive affirmation for your desire

In the third step of 3×33 manifestation, you need to choose or create your own affirmation for the desire that you want to manifest. Remember, when writing your affirmation it is very important that you use words that resonate with your desire and always use the words in the present tense in your affirmation. For example, you can use an affirmation like “I feel very happy and exhilarated when driving my new car.” or “Having a new car was my deepest desire, and I am glad that now I finally have it.”

Step#4: Write down your affirmation 33 times for 3 days

In the fourth step, write down your affirmation in a journal 33 times for 3 days as this helps you to become a vibrational match of your desire. Make sure that as you are writing down the affirmation you must feel that as you are already having your desire with you and you can also picture yourself with your desire, this will bring more power to your manifestation.

Your feelings matter the most and they play a very important role in the manifestation of your desire therefore, in the 333 manifestation method you have to focus more on raising your vibrational frequency so that you prepare yourself to attract your desire faster.

Step#5: Have patience with your manifestation and stay positive

In the final step, you need to have patience with your manifestation and believe that your desire will manifest soon at a great timing. Stay positive and never allow any doubt to distract you from your desire. Allow the 333 manifestation method to work on its own and materialize your desire.