Wealth is one of the important aspects of our living since it helps fulfill many of our desires and dreams. Most people believe that manifesting wealth and abundance is one of the hardest things to do but in reality, it is not like that. Achieving wealth depends more on how we think about it and how we see it in our minds.


The common misconception in people concerning wealth is that they need to work hard enough in terms of physical effort to manifest wealth. They believe that the harder they work the more wealth they will manifest in their lives without knowing that wealth is all about mindset. Taking physical actions to manifest wealth is important but it is more about the mindset you hold about it.

It is very important to know whether you are focused on the lack or abundance especially when you want to manifest wealth. All successful and wealthy people around the world have an abundant mindset which means they believe that achieving wealth is based on focusing on abundance with an open mind rather than thinking about lack.


You have probably heard about the law of attraction and its relationship to everything that matters in our lives. The law of attraction depends upon what we think about what we are going to manifest in our reality whether it is good or bad. Similarly, in terms of wealth, the law of attraction says that you can only manifest wealth by focusing on abundance and prosperity rather than lack.

When you think about wealth and how it feels to have a huge amount of wealth, you begin to generate a strong feeling of abundance, and the law attraction begins to bring powerful ideas and ways to manifest wealth. As you begin to follow those ideas, the law of attraction gathers events, people, and circumstances that help you to reach that manifestation.


Manifesting money by using the law of attraction is one of the most common practices worldwide that has gained significant attention. Before you use the law of attraction to manifest wealth you need to understand that wealth is not present outside you but it is present within you. Everything you want in your life is present within you and you just need to be a vibrational match to it by believing that it is already present with you.

Following are some of the powerful methods of using the law of attraction to manifest wealth:

Visualization: Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques to manifest wealth which involves picturing or imagining yourself achieving wealth and abundance in your mind and focusing on it consistently for a while. To begin this method, all you need to do is to find a quiet and comfortable place or area to sit and close your eyes. Take long deep breaths to release all mental resistance and clutters unless you reach the tranquil state. After that, imagine yourself wearing a beautiful dress and going shopping at a mall near your home. See yourself spending a huge amount of money to shop and buy things you truly dreamt of. Believe as it is happening right now and allow the feelings to flow through you. You can practice this method in the early morning after you wake up or at night before you go to bed.

Gratitude: Gratitude is the most simple and easy practice yet very powerful to manifest wealth. The law of gratitude states that you can have more of what you want unless you are grateful for what you already have right now, even if it is the money that you wish to manifest. If you are currently facing a shortage of income or are entirely jobless, there might be many other things that the universe has blessed you with. For example, you still have food to eat, clothes to wear, or some good people to enjoy their company. You can make a list of any 5 to 10 things that you are already blessed with. Once you have written all of them start saying “I am very grateful for having ______ in my life” and say the name of each that you wrote in the list one by one out loud or in your mind. Close your eyes for a while and imagine enjoying all those things you have and feel good about it. Once you shift yourself to a high vibrational state, imagine yourself as a wealthy person enjoying all your desires and dreams and be grateful by saying “Thank you”.

Affirmations: Affirmations are another simple method to manifest wealth which involves affirming positive statements out loud to tap into the frequency of wealth and abundance. It is one of the powerful techniques to quickly shift your focus and energy towards your desire and raise your vibrational level. To manifest wealth using this method, you can say positive statements about wealth in the present tense like “I am very happy to have more than enough money to buy anything I want” or you can say “I am very grateful that the universe has always blessed me with an overflowing abundance in my life”.


After you use the law of attraction to manifest wealth you need to have unwavering faith in the process that the universe will surely respond to your desire and will soon manifest money into your life. If any negative emotion or doubt comes into your mind, don’t worry or panic, simply let it go and bring your attention back towards abundance. Keep on maintaining your trust in the universe and the overall process of the manifestation until the wealth you want manifests in your life.