We are living in a universe where there is no exclusion. Everything in the universe has existed for billions of years and still exists which means that the universe is the realm of eternity. Similarly, what we have thought, believed, and acted in the past still exists in the universe somehow as our records are known as the Akashic Records.


According to the Sanskrit language, the word “Akashic” means ethers or that which holds all. The Akashic record is the data or record of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions of our past, present, and future that exists in all realms and dimensions, which is also known as a huge library of information. Every decision and choice we have ever made in our lives is already stored and kept secret in the realms.
According to the Bible, the Akashic records are referred to as the “Book of Life” in which God has kept records of every person’s thoughts and deeds individually which means that every person has his book of life or data stored.


Today, many people around the world are working on accessing their Akashic records for their personal growth and development. The Akashic records help us understand and identify the previous thought patterns that no longer serve us and they encourage us to change our way of thinking so that we won’t repeat old patterns of thoughts and live our lives differently. They are also helpful in dealing with fears and phobias that have been held in our minds from the beginning. Accessing the Akashic records is one of the major practices of mysticism since it allows us to be in sync with Divine consciousness in order to receive hidden knowledge. By accessing the Akashic records we will be able to make better choices in our lives and align ourselves with our true nature.

If you want to access your Akashic records to attract better life experiences, follow the easy steps below:

1. Clear your mind

Before you begin accessing your Akashic records it is recommended that you first clear your mind from unwanted thoughts. You can start that by taking 3 long deep breaths slowly and calmly.

2. Write down your question

The second step is about writing down the question you want to receive the answer to in a notebook or a journal. It can be anything that you want to get the information for, maybe it is regarding your past life or the choices you want to make for your future.

3. Get in sync with your true self

In the third step, you must tap into the power of your true self. There are various ways to align yourself with your true nature and one of the best and easiest ways to do that is to meditate. As you begin to meditate, focus on your breathing for a while and try to go as much deeper as you can.

4. Ask for the answer you’re looking for

Once you reach the deeper state of your being, ask the question you wrote by saying it louder or in your mind. For example, you can ask a question by saying “What are those right choices that I have to make for my better future?” Make sure that you focus on getting the information about any one aspect at a time and avoid asking several questions since this will just lead to confusion. You can ask your question only once or repeat it three times, and do what feels better to you as there is no right or wrong way to do it, it only depends upon your intention and belief.

5. Allow yourself to access the Akashic records

Once you have asked the question during mediation, now it’s time to get access to your Akashic records to receive the answer just by allowing yourself and being in a receptive mode. At the moment, believe that you will get the answers and keep yourself in that receptive mode. After a while, you will be able to receive the answers intuitively. Like, you may hear a voice or see images in your mind that represent what you are really looking for. You may feel the emotions and have a deeper sense of knowing during meditation.

Once you completely grasp that answer or idea in your mind, gradually bring yourself back to your normal consciousness and try not to force yourself to focus on what you have experienced at the moment, it will happen naturally and you will know that.

6. End your practice with gratitude

Now, end your practice with gratitude by giving thanks to yourself and the universe for helping and guiding you throughout the whole process. You must feel good and maintain your feelings now after accessing your Akashic records.

7. Write down your answer

The last step is to write down the answer you received through accessing your Akashic record in your notebook or a journal so that you can remember it and work on it easily.